Teneo Nano

Responding to the market demand for Internet of Things devices, Teneo has developed the Teneo Nano; the smallest LoRa(WAN) module, with a circuit board of only 16 by 16 millimeters!

This small size has the advantage that the Teneo Nano can be used for very different applications; from the large object and machines to small environments where format is (possibly the biggest) challenge.

Flexible use

To make the Teneo Nano flexible for use, the Teneo Nano is equipped with a number of basic functionalities, such as a LoRa(WAN) module, GPS sensor, motion sensor and temperature sensor.

This means that the Teneo Nano is, for example, already very suitable as a track and trace product, as a wireless temperature sensor or even for the fall detection of people in need.


Based on the hardware of the Teneo Nano, we have developed our own firmware library, based on one of the most important pillars of LoRaWAN: low power consumption.


Thanks to the modular structure of the firmware library, the Teneo Nano can be specially configured for each costumer, so that every solution is tailor-made!

The Teneo Nano, our smallest LoRa(WAN) module

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