Teneo, the company for your LoRa and IoT solutions!


We established Teneo IoT Bv. in march 2016. The first year we were mainly focused on building a good product.  We have the goal to make organizations and companies smarter, but above all more fun, with Internet of Things (IoT)! As such, we develop in-house hardware and firmware for our applications.

We use LoRaWAN for communications purpose; a network that, omang other things, due to its low power consumption and long distances, is ideally suited to place sensors in the field (sometimes literally) and thereby monitor objects and processes for years.

You can thing of, for example, use cases in the field of smart waste management, smart monitoring and switching of remote lighting, providing insight into the risk of legionella growth in water pipes or even smart rollers.

We strive to offer low-threshold Internet of Things applications and solutions that offer a solution for various users. hereby we believe that wireless low power wide area networks, such as LoRaWAN, are the missing factor to realize this!

Mission and vision

Teneo wants to make other companies future-proof by offering smart solutions (Internet of Things – IoT solutions).

Globalization makes it difficult for other companies to distinguish themselves. Thanks to IoT, they can stick out.

With this, Teneo customers achieve:

  1. Process optimization
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. New earnings models

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