Teneo Industry

The Teneo Industry is a dedicated LoRa node designed for industrial applications; this could include the monitoring of (water)pumps, power supplies, sewers, aggregates, lighting and so forth.

For example, the Teneo Industry LoRa node is extremely suitable for remotely performing status monitoring, such as ‘On’ and ‘Off’, but the node also immediately gives a message when it detects a power failure.

Because the Teneo Industry is equipped with eight digital I/O’s and has the possibility to expand this number, this gives users endless possibilities to connect additional sensor.

For example, existing meters and / or sensors of the object to be monitored can be connected, but additional new sensor and / or meters can also be integrated.

Because the Teneo Industry is equipped with a DIN rail housing, it can easily be built into existing cabinets or other objects without having to make extensive adjustments.


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