Teneo Climate Monitor

The Teneo Climate Monitor is a LoRaWAN node, dedicated to wirelessly measure, register and monitor the environment.

Our Teneo Climate Monitor is equipped with a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor which makes this product suitable in various use cases in which gathering information about the (direct) surroundings are crucial.

The Teneo Climate Monitor uses LoRaWAN for the communication of the sensordata, which makes it possible to use the Teneo Climate Monitor years on just one battery; without the necessity of charing or changing the battery.

Examples of use cases that are currently deployed with our Teneo Climate Monitor are:

  • Regulating temperature/heating in buildings or rooms;
  • Registering and monitoring the temperature of refrigerators
  • Bedbug repression;
  • Medication management;
  • Temperature controlled logistics.

Additonally, the Teneo Climate Monitor can, depending on the wishes of the end-users, being adjusted on settings such as (period)time. With this, you are able to also influence the "behaviour" of the Teneo Climate Monitor itself.

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