Teneo Climate Monitor

The Teneo Climate Monitor is a LoRaWAN node that is aimed at measuring, recording and monitoring (environmental) climate.

The sensor contains a temperature & humidity sensor which allows this sensor to be used in many different use cases where monitoring the (immediate) environment is central. The sensor uses a lorawan wireless communication protocol. This allows the node to be able to transmit to a receiver over longer distances. LoRaWAN is also a good means of communication because it usually has a higher penetration rate in buildings. Furthermore, the sensor is small in size and has a rechargeable battery with which the sensor can be used for years in all kinds of places.

Some examples of applications include:

- Regulating temperature in buildings, rooms and/or other spaces

- Monitoring and surveillance of refrigerator temperature (HACCP)

-Bedbug control

- Drug management

- Refrigerated transport


In addition, depending on the user's wishes, the node can be adjusted to settings in the backend: such as the (period) time. This makes the node behave exactly as you wish!

More information about the Teneo Climate Monitor, contact us.