“Smart” waste bin scores in Winterswijk

Winterswijk- from now on waste collectors no longer have to drive past almost empty waste bins or, on the contrary, find overflowing bins where the thrash is already everywhere. The Smart Waste Bin itself gives a signal via LoRa.

Jan Ruesink – 1 February 2018

Three companies from Winterswijk, Grijsen Park & Straatdesign, Teneo IoT and Hibernis, have jointly developed a smart waste bin with LoRa technology, which can help municipalities from overflowing bins and save them unnecessary hours and gas.


They look no different than the other waste bins in the centre of Winterswijk, but five of them are just a little smarter than the rest. On the Markt, Wheme and Misterade there have been waste bins with two “eyes” since November, which register how full the bin is (for example 10, 50 or 80 percent) and send this degree of filling to the sender / receiver on top of the Jacobschurch every hour. He then sends the data via the internet to a screen where someone sees a green symbol change to orange or red, to indicate that the bin is full.

Successful test

“We have been testing the system for a few months now and you can already see when there has been a market, a German day off or nice weather.” Says Patrick Grijsen, director supplier of the same name for banks, planters and waste bins. “On such days, the bins fill up faster.” The bins are now in the centre, but could also be far in the countryside.

The trial in Winterswijk takes a few months and the Grijsen can sell the system to municipalities and implementers in the Netherlands and Germany.

Inou Heideman, Patrick Grijsen and Chris Krabben propagate with their invention “less litter and unnecessary journeys”.

For the original Dutch article, we refer you to the Tubantia website.

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