Smart sensors for many things

The smart sensors of Teneo IoT use the new technology LoRa (WAN).

Jan Colijn – 20 December, 2017

Teneo IoT uses the new LoRaWAN technology. A network that was introduced in September 2015, with which small messages can be sent. It is an open network that everyone can use. Other techniques include Wi-Fi and 4G. Only LoRa has some major advantages. The messages can be sent over a much larger distance, you are not dependent on providers and therefore an expensive subscription and there is a very low power consumption, so that battery-operated devices last for years.

The company from Winterswijk develops devices that make smart use of LoRa. “Including a tracking system that functions as a fall detector for the elderly”, says Inou Heideman (23). “The healthcare staff receives a fall incident on the smartphone. But we have also developed a sensor that keeps track of how much waste there is in waste bins and whether they have to be emptied.”

In own words, Heideman is a stranger in the midst of Teneo IoT. She studied business administration at the University of Twente: ,, I am therefore the only non-techie. But in my view, a company needs that too. Techies sometimes tend to dive deeply into a product and continue to develop it. Very good for the product, but you must of course market it at some point.”

According to Heideman, our country doesn’t yet have five companies that, like Teneo IoT, develop devices for LoRa on a production basis. In the meantime, the company has a dozen different products ready, with which it has been testing for several months now. The expectations are high. “Judging by sounds from the market it appears that there is a lot of interest in it.”

For the original Dutch article, we kindly refer you to the Telegraaf website.

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