In our “global village” Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Homes are constantly connected through Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Internet of Things can make a major contribution in this, by offering new IoT applications and solutions for Smart Logistics.

By using the Internet of Things you can manage assets remotely; such as materials, good or other objects, are monitored and followed, which means that insight can be gained into the use of these assets and the routes of transport and logistics, as a result of which these assets and routes can be used and organized more efficiently and effectively. For example, lead times can be shortened; allowing processes to be better coordinated! This not only means quality improvement, cost savings and better time use, but also contributes to safety and environmental friendliness.

A very suitable application for Smart Logistics is our “Track & Tracing” developed by Teneo IoT, a product fully optimized for track & trace applications, to which – in addition to the standard integrated sensors such as GPS, movement and temperature – additional extra sensors can also be integrated with which very detailed data can be collected.

With our Track & Tracing we have done extensive testing in the past years; among other things in pilot projects with our customer, but also in collaboration with Innofest, at festivals such as Into the Great Wide Open. We placed the Track & Tracing in buggies, so that it became clear where they were on the island.

This led to very interesting results, on the basis of which we were able to further improve and optimize our Track & Tracing and after which we now also offer the product to other interested parties.

Are you interested in our Track & Tracing and the possibilities that this product offers for your track and trace issue? Then contact us!

One of our IoT applications; the track- & Tracing used by Into to Great Wide Open