Our homes are getting smarter through IoT applications!

This not only provides more insight, but also contributes to the comfort, safety and health of people!

This way you can not only control your temperature remotely, or gain more insight into your (energy) consumption, but you can also control your security, lighting, and even your fridge remotely!

IoT applications to get a Smart Home

These new technological developments also offer great opportunities for “remote care”; where those in need of help can be better monitored by these smart products, and more insight can be gained into the condition of those people in need of care. Responding to this, Teneo IoT is currently working on the development of a smart meter within the “Smart Nurturing” project, which can be used to determine the activity of people in need.

This smart meter can be placed non-invasively on existing pipes and / or tubes, whereby the meter measures and transmits at which moments there has been a current. On the basis of these measurement data, an overview can then be created of all different types of water consumption of a person in need of care and a pattern can be displayed with this. On the basis of this, care providers can, among other things, coordinate care moments more efficiently and more to the client needs, but above all an alarm can also be issued when there is a disturbing change in the (physical) condition of those in need of care.

You can find more information about this project on the special page of Smart Nurturing.

Do you want more information about this, or do you see other applications in the field of “smart homes”? Then contact us!