Our cities are getting smarter!

Teneo IoT sees great opportunities in Smart City; by equipping cities with different sensors that are in contact with each other through new communication techniques and with a back-end.

With the help of these sensors, various data can be collected, making cities more suitainable, more vital and safer!

Smart waste bins

For the Municipality of Winterswijk, Teneo Iot has developed a system at the initiative of Grijsen Park and Street Design and Hibernis with which the filling level of waste bins can be easily monitored and displayed in one overview. On the basis of this data (cost) efficient waste management can be realized.

Teneo IoT has developed the actual node in this project; consisting of a sensor for measuring the degree of filling, LoRa communication module and items such as the battery and antenna, with which the data from all waste bins is sent and from there is collected in a server; after which the data is processed and displayed to the user.

A system so innovative that the Tubantia and the Gelderlander devoted an entire article to it! You can read this article here via our website.

Smart city application; the sensor put in a waste bin

Smart Lighting

In addition, Teneo IoT, together with Event Engineers, has developed a system with which lighting can be switched on remotely within pre-set time periods, but which can also ‘intervene’ remotely – at the touch of a button – lighting directly can be switched on or off and a warning message is issued when the lighting is switched off. Consider, for example, things like power outages or other circumstances.

Teneo IoT and Event Engineers have tested this system at the Amsterdam Light Festival in the recent months; from which very positive reactions and results have emerged!

Are you curious about the possibilities of the above applications for your organization? Or do you have another idea related to Smart City that you would like to realize?  Then contact us!