Roof Fan

Teneo IoT BV has developed a sensor for roof fans in collaboration with WonenZuid, the Zehnder Group and Sqippa. A dedicated Internet Of Things solution that can control and monitor the roof fan by means of LoRaWAN and can forward status and faults.


The sensor uses the network LoRaWAN, a “Long Range Wide Area Network” that is ideally suited for transmission over long distances with low power consumption. It also has a high degree of penetration, making it an eminently suitable network for transmitting within buildings.

The sensor can, among other things:

- Remotely control the roof fan. Think, for example,  turning the fan on, off, louder or softer (number of revolutions) without having to go there yourself;

- Sending the status update of the fan;

- Sending error codes or error messages;


The need for this roof fan node has arisen because the availability of maintenance technicians is becoming increasingly scarce and because it is better to maintain the installation if targeted maintenance can be applied.

Until now, the situation was that a technician on the roof could only adjust the settings of the fan and that a malfunction was only noticed when a resident or user called on the malfunction.

With the roof fan node, this can be monitored remotely and settings of the roof fan can be adjusted remotely, from Sqippa Online, for example: so that a technician can act on this faster and takes less time to do this. This significantly increases living comfort!


The current roof fan nodes have been specifically developed for the MX roof fan from Zehnder, but it can also be expanded / adapted to other ventilation systems.

If you would like more information or if you want to know whether our sensor can add something to your organization, please contact us.