The Legionella sensor is the latest dedicated Internet of things solution in the product line of Teneo IoT BV as part of the Digital Experience project. The aim of this project is to find out if it is possible to measure and prevent conditions where there is a risk of legionella infection. The legionella sensor can be used to measure water flows through a pipe and what the temperature of the water is if it does not flow.

 Measuring with this sensor is non-invasive, which means that no intermediate piece needs to be inserted but that it can measure the pipe from the outside. This is done by means of a patented measurement principle where it is measured with a thermal difference.

 The values are then sent via the LoRa Network, which it can then be accessed on a platform. By using the LoRa network, the sensor is very energy efficient and has a high penetration rate within buildings which allows the sensor to send data over long distances. In our application, the sensor is powered by means of a USB power supply. Bi-directional communication with the sensor is also possible, which means that one can remotely set up the sensor to your own liking.

By using the Legionella sensor it is possible to realize different applications. For example, you can think of:

- Monitoring risk of legionella growth;

- Monitoring water use;

- ADL (general daily life operations) monitors (e.g.: with a view to living independently at home for longer);

- Timely alert in case of water leaks


If you are interested in the specifications of our Legionella sensor or would like to know more about the possible application of the Legionella sensor for your organization, contact  us.