Filling Degree Sensor

The filling sensor is a dedicated Internet of things solution from Teneo IoT BV that aims to solve the problem of litter, inefficient waste collection, polluted air (CO₂ emissions) & waste of resources through the filling degree sensor.


The filling degree sensor on waste bins monitors the extent to which a waste bin is filled by the use of laser technology (sensoring). The sensor measures the distance to the waste and can send notifications that are displayed in an online dashboard where you can see the location of the waste bins. Linked to this system, efficient logistics planning can be envisaged on the basis of route optimization.

The advantages of the fillgrade sensor are that it is a flexible end-to-end solution to the problem of waste disposal. From measuring the data in the waste bin to capturing the data in the database of Flexyz  bv. Furthermore, there are no monthly subscription fees associated with the use of the LoRa network, which is discussed below.

The sensor can run on a single battery for several years due to its use of the LoRa network due to low power consumption and no extensive installation is required to place a fillgrade sensor in a waste bin.

When the battery of the fill rate sensor is "empty" it can be charged wirelessly, which also makes this sensor immediately waterproof.



The sensor transmits this information via the LoRaWAN network. The advantage of the LoRaWAN network is that data transfer is possible over longer distances than as opposed to a 3- or 4G network. LoRaWAN makes it possible to send data over distances of 3 to 45 kilometers. The use of LoRaWAN has its advantages for data communication, among other things:

  • The use of LoRaWAN provides coverage over a large area, so that one gateway is able to cover an entire township with the signal;
  • Also, the power consumption of the sensor on the LoRaWAN network is low, allowing you to use a single battery for years without charging it.

Are you interested in the specifications or the possible application of our Filling Degree Sensor within your organization? Please contact  us!