Festival innovations including LoRa technology

Today in Eyeopeners with Mark Beekhuis: Innofest uses festivals as living labs for innvations. What have they all learned this season? We are going to talk about innovations that focus on the possibilities of the LoRa network, protective festval mats made of fiber hemp and the Eco Coin.

A festival is a temporary mini-society. Just like in real life, you will encounter challenges related to energy, waste, food, exercise and sleeping. Innofest believes that this makes festivals a perfect test environment for prototypes and experimental techniques. We speak to director Anna van Nunen about the festival season (so far).

Teneo IoT

One of the innovations this year is that of Teneo IoT, where they focus on the LoRa Network. A freely accessible network through which certain data can be shared. For example, logistics management at festivals can be improved by monitoring logistics flows with the help of track & tracing. The first tests went live at three festivals. Was it a success?

Inou Heideman is on behalf of Teneo IoT in the broadcast. She talks about the festival innovations of Teneo IoT, the various tests that Teneo IoT has done; among other things at Welcome to the Village, and the test that Teneo will do at Into the Great Wide Open.

Do you want to listen to the BNR Eyeopeners item, including Teneo IoT? This is possible via the BNR Eyeopeners website.

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