Central Heating Sensor

Teneo IoT BV has developed the Central Heating sensor on the basis of a demand from WonenZuid in collaboration with installer Pleunis Installations and Sqippa. A dedicated Internet Of Things solution that can read, forward and make visible in an online environment through LoRaWAN.

The intended purpose of the Central Heating sensor is to be able to provide a product with which the Central Heating installations can be monitored remotely, in order to be able to better monitor the condition of the installation and to carry out maintenance more effectively. In addition, because he has a remote insight into the exact fault, the installer knows better what it has to take and/or has to do to solve a fault.

All this aims to be able to carry out maintenance more in a more targeted way, which can also save man hours: with a lower bill and better living comfort!


The sensor uses the LoRaWAN network, a "Long Range Wide Area Network" that is ideally suited for long-distance transmission with low power consumption. It also has a high penetration rate, making it an ideal network to measure inside buildings. For example, two buildings of WonenZuid have one gateway to cover the entire apartment complex.


The Central Heating sensor is currently tested in a pilot together with housing cooperations and fitters. As such, this product is currently still in development and can't be considered to be a fully developed end product.


If you want to know more about the Central Heating sensor, contact us!