Bins with data through LoRa and sensors.

Winterswijk nowadays has such a club that is working hard on technologie with their knowledge of Lora and Sensors.

Roel Wildeboer – April 2017

Inou Heideman is a project manager at Teneo IoT and focuses on the business development of the brand new company. “But I’m among the techies here,” the 23-year old says. “So I have already gained quite a bit of technical knowledge.”

The LoRa network was launched in 2015, an inexpensive alternative to traditional communication technologies such as Wi-Fi or 4G. With a low bandwidth, which means fewer malfunctions. “Everyone has problems with a poor Wi-Fi connection,” says Inou. “I have several Wi-Fi amplifiers at home to be able to receive sufficient signals in al rooms. With LoRa you don’t have that problem. This network is widely used here in the Achterhoek in the countryside, but can also be used in other places. LoRa is characterized by long distances where communication can be realized. We have already done tests up to 25 kilometers away. In addition, LoRa is what they call an “Open source”: anyone can build their own network with it.

On our proposal, the municipality of Winterswijk has placed a “gateway”(receiver) on the Jacobschurch, so that the entire municipality has a comprehensive network. That network can be used by smart devices based on LoRa sensor technology. These LoRa sensors uses little power and van therefore be used in all kinds of places and for all kinds of purposes. That is what we are doing here.

“One of the applications that Teneo IoT is working on is garbage bins in the municipality,” continues Inou. “The idea is that waste bins in Winterswijk are equipped with smart sensors, which register when the garbage bin is full and send a message via LoRa. Only if that is the case – and not according to a fixed schedule, as is often the case- does the bin have to be emptied by the garbage collection service. That saves the municipality considerably costs, in the municipality of Winterswijk you will soon be talking about hundreds of bins. They quickly earned back the investment that goes with such a system. The sensor also provide a wealth of information.

The full article can be found in AIM 4/17, available at the AIM kiosk.

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