Teneo IoT,  the company for your LoRa and IoT solutions!


Teneo IoT Bv. is established in 2016. At first we were mainly focused on building a good product. We started Teneo with three people, but have now grown to 5 permanent employees. In addition, we also collaborate a lot with graduates and interns.

Teneo IoT is a young innovative company focused on the development of embedded systems in the field of Internet of Things. We also use the LoRaWAN communication technology, which is extremely suitable for sensors and sensor networks.

Among other things, we mainly focus on smart waste management, remote monitoring and switching devices (such as lighting and switch boxes). We also make products that are aimed at the healthcare sector!

We aim to make unknown Internet of Things applications and solutions possible.

At Teneo Iot we believe that LoRaWAN is the enabler of sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)!

Mission and vision

Teneo wants to make other companies future-proof by offering smart solutions (Internet of Things – IoT solutions)

Globalization makes it difficult for other companies to distinguish themselves. Thanks to IoT, they can stick out.

With this, Teneo customers achieve:

  1. Process optimization
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. New earnings models

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Interested in Teneo IoT?  We also have various internship positions.

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