A tree says to the public garden service: “Thirst!”

Winterswijk – Trees, flowers and plants that are in danger of dying by the drought can now ask for water themselves. The company Teneo IoT from Winterswijk has developed moisture meters that are buried and communicate the humidity of the soil to the manager of the greenery via LoRa every day.

Jan Ruesink – 23-10-2018,

The public gardens service will then get a clear picture of where a tree or planter must be given thee much needed water. This is particularly important for the chances of survival of young trees, which run a high rick during the first three years.

Talking through LoRa

Teneo IoT has operated the first twenty LoRa soil moisture meters since July at the municipality of Harderwijk. Flexyz the company from that city has developed a program to set a limit value per sensor, because the ideal humidity differs per plant and soil type. If the humidity falls below the limit value, a message is sent to the landscapers. This is done via the so-called LoRa technology (long range) in which signals are transmitted over kilometres.

With LoRa all kinds of devices can talk to the internet without using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi and the energy consumption is low. The sensors in the ground operate on one battery supply for up to five years.


According to Inou Heideman from Teneo IoT, the moisture meters have already proved their worth, because during the last dry and hot summer several young trees indicated that they were very thirsty. ,, Otherwise you might find out too late. Just think of the newly planted trees in the MH17 memorial forest, many of which have died.”

Teneo IoT first tested the sensors in the area of the Hilgelo a recreational lake near Winterswijk and they worked well there. “Now we are going to see what the frost in winter does with the sensors and batteries.”

Teneo IoT may be selling thirst sensors together with the also Winterswijk-based company Grijsen part & street design, which sells planters and tree gratings, among other things. The companies have also co-created the talking trash can, which uses the same technology to indicate that it is almost full.

“This is how we put beautiful concepts on the market together as local companies.”

Teneo IoT
Soil moisture meter used in Harderwijk

For the original Dutch article, we refer to the website of the Gelderlander.

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